Feeling Words

Cats claws on the inside of your thigh.
Your testicles on an anvil. Hammer applied.

Words, but you can feel them.

Remembered tastes of Warheads. Saliva fills your mouth. 
The annoying inner itch of a yeast infection south.
Overwhelming anger. A crying baby on your plane.
You always cum too early. Overwhelming shame.

    Whats the matter? They are just words.

Daughters out past midnight. No text, no call, no phone.
Your girlfriends getting laid but you're at home alone.
Stranger at a bar keeps looking up your dress.
Introduced to a preteen, caught looking at her chest.
People talking about you, so loud that you can hear.
You slip and say "That's gay!" You alienate a queer.
You are getting fingered and have a queef that shakes the earth.
You laugh so hard you cry. Nine months later a still-birth.

Stop. Please stop.

                     Too many words?
                  I can't take anymore.