Post #4 - Portfolio building and bills to pay

Making money photo assisting has been waaaaay easier than making money as a photographer so far.  Ya know, though, I feel like the biggest barriers are mental barriers. It's never been an easy thing for me to value my work if it doesn't involve carrying around 35 Ibs sandbags. I'm starting to BELIEVE i'm a good photographer though, and I'm starting to feel alright about selling my product.  I feel like i'm still not ready to take on the commercial photography gigs that I assist on, but I've been eyeing the actor/actress headshot photography market for a while now and I feel like Atlanta is surprisingly weak in this field for how quickly it's movie scene is growing. So I'm making a headshot portfolio now. I've compiled all of the shots I've taken already that could be considered headshot's and it's not enough, so I'm reaching out to friends and will be doing some free headshots for the next week or two to get a nice book going. This kind of work is great for me because I'm already really accustomed to lighting people and headshots are really only a more rigid form of portrait photography, which is my primary interest. Very excited about it.

A huge incentive to turn my photography into a profitable venture has been my huge overhead on this studio apartment. As an assistant, I can work ten days a month and have all of my overhead paid with a nice little living wage on the side, but it doesn't really offer any money to grow my business with, ya know? I need more money for heads and lenses. Also I'd like to go out with my friends more and not have to worry as much about buying a few beers or a concert ticket. All of this stuff definitely weighs on the mind, but I feel like I am so close to realizing that financial bump, and I am pushing hard now to reach it. 

The other day I recorded the first video I've ever made of myself dancing without a partner. That probably seems weird if you consider I've danced for eight years, but until recently I've always been really uncomfortable dancing without a partner. I think I'm starting to let go of that fear, I'm really proud of this video!  I made it on a photo shoot last weekend when my photographer left me to guard our next shooting location; the acoustics in that tunnel were amazing :) So without further delay...