Post #3 - Happy Times

I have been creating a ton of content lately. I'm drawing, I'm taking photos, I'm writing poetry, I'm doing so many things and it has been making me very happy :) I see huge progress in my work and am coming into a really interesting way of journaling in my sketch book lately. I'm excited to get that stuff up on my website and share it with you soon. 

I've shot at least a thousand photos per weekend for the past month, mostly just photos of me hanging out with my friends, and it has been very inspirational. I'm producing great shots and that is feeding me to take more shots. 

I'm a bit tired so you'll have to excuse me, I've not had a lot of time to journal or spend at home sense all of my days off have been going to my internship. I'll try to write a proper entry here soon, but if I don't get around to it, you should check out my sketchbook pages for the months of February and March of 2015 once I put them up, because these have been some transformative times. 

Here is a photo I took this past weekend that I liked a lot :)

I hope everything is going well in your life, reader :)